Pricing: What's it cost to clean?

Below is a basic outline of my rates. These can change slightly depending on specific conditions that might increase or decrease the price, but the following is a good estimate. I suggest you do a CTRL+F search of what you are specifically looking for if you don't wish to see all my various estimates.
NOTE: ALL PRICINGS FOR ANY JOB I DO ARE AGREED UPON PRIOR TO STARTING THE JOB. (In other words, if you aren't happy with a price, we can talk.)

Minimum Charge
I do not charge extra for travel within a 30-minute to 1-hour drive from my office in San Francisco. However, I have a minimum charge of $65.00 to make small unprofitable jobs profitable. This covers the fixed costs required in dispatching the wash rig.

I have never had a commercial customer question me when I use their water for the job, but residential customers often complain about you using their water. This is often because they perceive the 500 to 1,000 gallons of water being used on an average housecleaning job to be very expensive. You need to check the water rates for your area. In most areas of the U.S. (yes, that includes the Bay Area) water cost is about 50 cents to $3.00 per thousand gallons. For those of us that failed math in high school that equals a marginal extra charge.

Tree Removal:
Based on size of tree and ease of transfer to truck for disposal. Unless absolutely required, I always suggest simply cutting the tree down to the base and lacing it with poison so it does not grow back. That way it usually only runs a couple hundred bucks to have a typical San Francisco tree removed. Stump grinding, which includes bringing in a fairly bulky machine to chip away at the stump, adds about $150 to a job. Average cost in San Francisco is $350 for COMPLETE removal.

House Washing:
Approx. $95.00 to $295.00 or 10 cents/sq. ft. for single story and 20 cents/Sq. Ft. for double story (Can vary depending on materials used in house, quality of construction, accessibility, and age of materials)

Cleaning Mildew off Stucco
$0.10 per square foot

Driveways and Sidewalks:
20 cents per SqFt.

Cedar Shake Roofs:
60 cents per SqFt.

Composition Roofs:
Average Pitch: 10 to 20 cents per square foot
Steep Pitch: 20 to 30 cents per square foot
Minunum Charge: $100.00 to $150.00.

Manufactured Housing, New
Single Wide: $75.00
Double Wide: $100.00
Triple Wide: $125 .00

Manufactured Housing, Used
Single Wide: $150.00
Double Wide: $175.00
Triple Wide: $200.00

Manufactured Housing (Mobile Home) Roofs
Single Wide: $45.00
Double Wide: $55.00

Add on: Roof coating: Cost of the roof coating plus $10.00 per 5 gallons for the material and $35.00 per 5 gallons to apply.

Window Washing:
$45.00 per hour

Graffiti Removal
$40.00 per stop plus $1.75 per sq ft.

Trailer Houses (Mobile Homes):
Trailers in a trailer park: $55.00 for a single wide, $95.00 for double wide.
Trailers on a lot by themselves: $50.00 to $100.00 each.

Gutters, Single Story Residential Homes
Charge by the house: $35.00 to $160.00. Average: $95.00

Bank Drive Thrus:
$20.00/ Lane on a monthly or quarterly basis

Parking Lots, Garage Floors:
25 cents/Sq. Ft. Average for 10,000/Sq. Ft and larger--4 to 5 cents/Sq. Ft.

Outside-Store Front & Restaurants - Monthly cleaning:
a) Drive Thrus
b) Dumpster Area
c) 20 ft. each side of entrances
Pricing: $15.00 per space, or 8 cents/SqFt.

Parking Spaces:
$15 per space. Grease spots only $5 each

Trash Dumspters:

Trash Can Stalls:
10 Cents per SqFt.

Paint Stripping:
$1 per square foot.

New Construction, removing mortar tags
$0.20 per square foot for single story

$15.00 per hood linear foot plus $50.00 per fan.
Minimum charge: $100.00.
Access panels: $60.00 each
Charged extra if you are being forced to clean (citation from the Health Department).

Masonry Restoration Cleaning Single Story:
20 cents/Sq. Ft.
NOTE:Test patches required to determine restoration cleaner. If done for an Architect a 10' x 10' test area will be required.

Grocery Cart Washing:
$1.00 per cart.

Car Lots-Washing Cars:
Pickups, Vans, Suburbans, Full Size SUV's ~ $2.00 to $3.00

Automotive Detailing
Wash and Wax Exterior: $60

Aircraft Washing:
Single Engine- $65.00
Light Twin Engine- $75.00
Turbo Prop & light Twin Jets- $100.00
Helicopters, 2 place-$95.00
Helicopters, 4 to 6 place-$125.00

Boat Detailing:
Hull- $7.00 per foot
Deck- $7.00 per foot

Awning Cleaning, Quarterly Prices:
$2.50 per linear Foot for 1 Story.
$3.50 per linear Foot for 2 Story.
Discounts if done monthly/annually.

Deck Restoration (Stripping and Sealing)
Approx. $1.50 per sq. ft. (DEPENDS LARGELY ON SIZE OF DECK)

6' Privacy Fences: Clean and Seal:
$4.00 per linear foot per side for the first 60 feet. Over 60 feet discount 20 %, over 160 feet discount 30%.

Vehicle Washing

Tractor, 1-axle, w/o sleeper $20.00$6.00-----$20.00$5.00----$8.00----$15.00
Tractor, 2-axle, w sleeper$25.00$8.00-----$22.00 $8.00-----$15.00-----$20.00
Van Trailers, Reefers$25.00$10.00-----$25.00$8.00-----$15.00-----$18.00
Pups, 24 Ft Trailers$15.00$8.00-----$20.00$7.00-----$8.00----$12.00
Gasoline Tankers $30.00$15.00-----$25.00$8.00-----$17.00-----$20.00
Flat Bed Trailers$20.00$8.00-----$20.00 $6.00-----$8.00-----$12.00
Gravel Trailers$25.00$15.00-----$50.00$12.00----$22.00----$40.00
Grain Trailers$25.00$20.00-----$30.00$8.00-----$16.00-----$20.00
Auto Carriers$25.00 $20.00-----$70.00$20.00-----$35.00-----$65.00
Grain Pups w hopper$16.00$8.00-----$15.00 $6.00-----$10.00-----$12.00
Cattle Trailer$30.00$20.00-----$60.00$15.00-----$30.00-----$45.00
Garbage Truck$45.00$10.00-----$40.00$6.00-----$12.00-----$35.00
School Buses$1.00 per foot $10.00-----$25.00$8.00-----$12.00-----$20.00
Cement Trucks$35.00$30.00-----$80.00 $25.00-----$40.00-----$75.00
U.S. Watts1--------800-------------433---------------------2113
Pickups & Cars$10.00$3.00-----$10.00$2.00-----$5.00-----$10.00
Vans (Telephone, Federal Express) $10.00$3.00-----$15.00$2.00-----$5.00-----$10.00
Bob Tails$25.00$8.00-------$25.00 $8.00-----$14.00-----$20.00
Furniture Van$30.00$10.00-------$30.00$10.00----$18.00-----$35.00
Step Vans (UPS)$21.00$5.00-----$20.00$4.00-----$6.00-----$10.00
Jeeps (Post Office) $10.00$3.00-----$15.00$2.00----$5.00----$10.00
Dump Trucks$30.00$25.00-----$50.00 $15.00-----$25.00-----$30.00
Motor Homes (RV's)$1.00 per foot$25.00-----$50.00 $10.00-----$20.00-----$25.00
Passenger Buss$30.00$25.00-----$45.00$10.00-----$18.00-----$35.00
Inside Wash Van Trailers$20.00$10.00-----$30.00$5.00-----$12.00----$20.00
Inside Van Trailer Steam Out$25.00$15.00-----$25.00$10.00----$15.00----$25.00
Road Tractor
Engine Steam
Tractors ready to paint$130.00$60.00-----$250.00$45.00-----$130.00-----$200.00
5th Wheel Wash$25.00$5.00-----$30.00$2.00-----$15.00----$25.00
Tractor Rear Frame $25.00$5.00-----$65.00$2.00-----$10.00-----$50.00
Aluminum Brightening Van Trailers (Extra Charge) $25.00$25.00-----$45.00$15.00-----$25.00-----$40.00
Aluminu Brightening Gravel Trailers (Extra Charge) $30.00$15.00-----$40.00$10.00-----$20.00-----$35.00
Tractor Fuel Tanks Brighten$15.00 $3.00-----$6.00$1.50-----$4.00-----$6.00
Tractor Wheels Brighten$15.00$3.00-----$7.50 $1.50-----$4.00-----$5.00
Headache Rack Brighten$5.00$3.00-----$6.00$1.50-----$5.00-----$6.00
Bumper Brighten$2.00$1.00-----$4.00$1.00-----$2.00-----$3.00



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